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Are banners and flyers still relevant in advertising?

Marketing has come a long way from yelling prices at a marketplace during the dark ages. Brand consumption has diversified and we have adopted digital methods of getting our message across. Advertising is, and will always be considered the main tool for bringing the public’s attention to a product or service.

Among a horde of advertising mediums, such as audio-based and online motion graphics, ‘Banners and flyers’ are 2 of the earliest methods of advertising.

Even though banners and flyers are considered ‘traditional’ with the invention of new marketing methods, they are considered widely cost-efficient and still remain a favoured marketing tool.

Advantages of using banners and flyers in advertising


The advantages banners have provided over the centuries have never faded. Being a most prominent form of visual advertising, businesses can benefit through the use of banners in multiple ways:

  • Banners have the ability to form an image of your product instantly in a viewer’s mind. The age-old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” stand true on this!
  • Even if the person is not interested, they’re likely to remember the wanted information if attractive graphics are used.
  • As opposed to various advertising methods, creating a banner is efficient in cost and time. A single banner is sufficient to get your message across to more than one individual.
  • Banners can be used to advertise both digitally and physically, all based on a single design.


Flyers were annoying then and are still annoying now (we’re kidding here, obviously). But seriously, there is no way you could dodge a flyer, which is why they will always benefit businesses. Here’s why you shouldn’t ditch flyers in your marketing plan:

  • Flyers can be distributed anytime, anywhere to inform target consumers to be aware of your business.
  • The production of flyers is easier than any other advertising method.
  • Even if a certain consumer is an out of the target audience of consumers, the certain consumer can still keep his flyer and refer to it later.
  • If your business does not have enough time to advertise something important and rather urgent, flyers can be the best choice to advertise on ‘short notice’.
  • flyers are cost-effective and can be mass-produced.

Banners and Flyers in the digital age

Living in the information age, we have taken our businesses and entire livelihoods online. While this may seem like the age of banners and flyers has come to an inevitable end, it has not! Just like everything else, we have digitalized visual marketing, reaching a massive target audience with minimal effort.

Arguably, digitalization has worked in the favour of banners and flyers. We can now employ the same design in multiple places free of printing costs. If you are wondering what counts as an online banner, think of the advertisements you see when you open a random website, or the cover image you see when you visit a company’s Facebook page. Flyers, too, have freed themselves of their physical restrictions and taken to the screens. A quick stroll through your email inbox will display flyer marketing in the digital age in its full glory.


The majority of the consumer population in the external environment is more focused on visualization than words or written context, and if banners and flyers are created effectively, they can be considered the most attractive combination of advertisements.

The keyword here is “created effectively”. Your visual advertising would not be as impactful if it was sloppy or unattractive. This is why you need a professional designer to create your advertisements for you. Global Print which is a marketing agency in Hamilton, is home to the best professional graphic designers in Hamilton. We will have no trouble tackling your banners and flyers with style.

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