How important is the designing phase of an ad, and how can you make your design better?

Fundamentally as human beings, we are bizarrely programmed to manifest ever-lasting sentiments based on first impressions. This could be that tingly feeling in your belly when you see a hot girl at the bar, the great presentation of an employee at an interview, or in our specific case; a design that will take your breath away at first glance.

But how do we identify and label the factors that influence the first Impression in a design, and quite frankly, is it worth it?

To answer one question at a time; quite literally everything counts in the sport of rushing towards a quick judgement. Every curve, every line, every color work together to form a very particular image in the viewer’s mind. And as for the other question, definitely yes! A recent study conducted by the university of Delaware, titled “An Investigation of Factors Affecting Brand Advertising Success and Effectiveness”, identified several factors that influence variance in the level of success behind each advertisement. Put simply, the purpose behind every advertisement is to encourage the audience towards a specific choice, and it is the quality of the design that sets the success bar.

“In a sea of brands, only the best designs tend to get noticed” – some wise man

Key phases of designing an advertisement

While it is important to have a design that catches the eye and stays with your audience, it is also of equal significance to ensure that your design is aligned with the message you wish to carry. With so many check boxes to look for, the planning and drafting phrase of a design should be proceeded with care. Here are some important factors to consider when designing an advertisement, logo or a flyer for your business:

What is the purpose of the advertisement?

A simple answer to this question such as gaining customers is a no brainer. However, in order to create a successful design, we need to go just a few layers underneath the surface. For example, you may be designing a free kids pass if you own an amusement park, in hope of scoring long term customers through word of mouth. Here, your goal is to appeal to kids rather than sell a product, and therefore, an advertisement that aggressively sells amusement park tickets is going to be ineffective in fulfilling the purpose.

Who are my target audience?

A bigger reach is a better reach. However, targeting a specific demographic with your advertisement will often times prove more effective. Hence, an advertisement written in French wouldn’t be popping up on an English speaker’s screen, saving you many wasted dollars and effort. In our previous example, the target audience is kids; so, it would make more sense to have the advertisement in bright colors with pictures of children having a great time.

How will I present my advertisement?

Is your advertisement going to be posted on a website, or will it be presented in the form of a brochure? The medium through which you interact with your audience plays an important role in deciding what the advertisement should look like. A person may approach a printed leaflet with a much more relaxed nature whereas an advertisement on the internet will just fly by under the spinning mouse wheel. Designs that correspond to the marketing collateral would settle this matter utilizing a well though-of scheme: Flashy colours on less text-dense themes are likely to draw attention through a digital screen. Leaflets on the other hand are meant to be read and shouldn’t have annoying colours that drown the impact of the lengthy, detailed paragraphs.

Will my ad be successful?

Once you have gone through each step in the checklist, you are officially ready to create your new ad design! But wait, how would you know whether your design is the fitting one? I mean, sure, you know what you require, but how do you make sure that the design you come up with touches the right spot? It would be a waste if your ad slips past the field of view of half the crowd, even after you spent hours in coming up with a good design. Besides, you are spending money on advertising and would undoubtedly wish to get the best bang for the buck.

Let Global Print design your advertisement

Unquestionably, the wiser choice is to have a professional designer with a keen artistic sense help you. We all have our own aptitude, and it is no coincidence that you are, or are destined to be the owner of a successful business. However, when it comes to designing, it is far more profitable to let the experts in the field handle the job for you. In a craft where every minute detail matters in creating an impression, you shouldn’t take any chances. Especially not when it involves your company, which you have invested long hours, large amounts of money building.

This is where Global Print comes to the rescue! Global Print proudly showcases multiple designs that landed great commercial success over the past years, for various companies. At Global Print, our enthusiastic team of writers and designers will work closely with you to ensure that the advertisement is in the perfect spot between carrying your message and looking appealing to the general public. Waste no time in contacting Global print to have your advertisement/ brochure/ business card/ flyer or social media post designed specifically to land you the audience you wish to have.

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